At the turn of this century, planning a holiday might have involved a visit to the neighbourhood travel agent or for the more adventurous travellers and explorers armed with a well-thumbed guidebook, relying on trusted word-of-mouth recommendations to set their travel agenda. Today, thanks to breakthroughs and advancements in technology and high-speed internet, travellers can book their own flight and hotels online or choose to stay in a stranger’s house, and rather than entering that unfamiliar restaurant with foreboding, search online reviews on their mobile while connected to the hotel Wi-Fi.

Digitalisation has given us choice in a big way, however, sometimes it is really inevitable that we encounter problems, this is where Timor Tourism Directory comes in play. Timor Tourism Directory is a platform where determination and commitment has always exceeded traveller’s expectation. The platform provides information regarding all the destinations near you as well as around the globe. Here you can find a wide range of information on hotels and resorts, from budget to heritage and luxury as well as it scrolls down to wildlife tours, beach holidays, food and adventure tours including trekking, bungee jumping, deep sea diving, peak climbing, mountaineering, mount biking and much more.

We provide this all through engaging, informative and inspirational content to help travellers around the world have a safe and enjoyable time. Apart from this, readers will find a community that connects storytellers who want to dig deep into a new country, in-depth food guides to cities around the world and can find tips and tricks and resources to help plan and budget for long term travel. So whether you are a newbie or an avid traveller, here you can find everything you need to know about tourism and travelling.

Pack your bags and set out to your destination as it’s better to see something once than to hear about it thousand times.